BGA Rework

bga-reworkBGAs are now commonplace amongst most of our customers products, and as a result the ability to rework and upgrade these parts is essential.

Our technicians have a wealth of experience placing, reworking and replacing BGAs, and have lead the way in terms of being able to handle new packages, and pitches over recent years.

Indeed, ASK`s staff were amongst the first to regularly assemble 0.3mm pitch BGAs, and POP devices.

The technical team at ASK invested a great deal of time researching the various systems for rework, before  finally settled on a focussed IR PDR system,  which impressed during trials. The focussed IR system means heat can be applied only to the required area thus reducing any possibility of heat damage to surrounding components.

In line with our other services, we offer various turnarounds for all our rework services, but are sure to be able to offer a service level in line with your requirements.

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